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We serve health

Without compromising the taste

The food we eat doesn’t just give us the energy to perform, it also gives medicine to heal, stay immune, grow and stay young. Further enjoying the taste of the food helps in absorbing the nutrition better.

At EMAAR Fresh we endeavour to serve our customers with fresh and nutritious food. Our house chef has strived to create the tastiest menu so that our customers can enjoy the healthy treat.

Our Vision

To serve the community with health and contribute towards building the environment of sustainability.

Our Mission

Create awareness of healthy food and provide options for healthy food for the community. Work with our suppling partners to procure the ingredients that are grown in environment-friendly methods to support the sustainability of the planet. Provide the quality food delivery service with efficiency in cost-effective way for the sustainability of the business.

Our Values

Health First

Contribute towards care and sustainability of our planet and community. We work towards creating awareness of healthy living and do the right thing, towards ecology and health of the planet. We endeavour to create healthy and tasty food options for the community that will heal and build immunity.


Every customer, partner and employee is important for us. We authentically serve our customers with quality product and competitive pricing. We serve our suppling partners for echo friendly and cost-effective farming through our sister concern EMAAR Farm Technik. We serve our employees by creating a safe and fun working environment that will provide mutual prosperity. We pursue profit as a means to reinvest in a healthy, vibrant workplace and to create opportunities for further growth and development. We uphold the belief that we work best when we work together, and we will support each other in our efforts to learn and grow.


We take personal responsibility to do our very best and are committed to bringing the highest level of energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the job every day. We constantly work towards making better products with exemplary food safety standards. Our goal is to produce the best combination of performance and value. We work hard to run an efficient business so we can always be competitively priced. We pay attention to the small details that matter with adaptability, consistency, and creativity. We believe if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

At EMAAR Fresh we use healthy ingredients for our products. Most of the vegetables are hydroponically grown by carefully selected partners. Our salads and juices are freshly prepared every day and delivered within 2 hours. Our menu is designed by our house chef to make sure we give the best nutrition value along with a great taste for our products. Our kitchen is managed by qualified chefs so that we maintain efficiency and highest quality for our products.

EMAAR Fresh Salads and Juices are prepared from freshest vegetables most of them are hydroponically grown. Hydroponic vegetables are freshest because when we receive them they are harvested with their roots intact, that make them stay fresh longest. Hydroponic plants are the healthiest option as they are grown without soil and pesticides and lesser prone to disease. Hydroponic plants are also nutrition rich as the growing system allows plants to focus on foliar, flower growth and fruit. Many top chefs tout the flavour and advantages of hydroponically grown vegetables.

At EMAAR Fresh we procure hydroponic vegetables from supplying partners who grow them with organic growing methods. These vegetables are grown using compost or manure tea as their plant nutrient. The tea is added directly to the water instead of a nutrient solution. Some of our suppling partners also use nutrient sources from seaweed and fish emulsion.

Hydroponic farming helps protect the soil from over-farming and depletion of the soil. It further protects the environment as there are next to none use of pesticides. It is an efficient system because it saves water and takes less space due to high density and vertical farming. Hydroponic farming in an environment where traditionally it is not suitable for farming. The controlled environment also results in faster and higher yield. Hydroponic farming can be the answer to feeding a growing global population without defiling the environment.